Unit 5: The Media

Unit 5: The Media


Unit 5: The Media



TAG QUESTIONS (Câu hỏi đuôi)

1. Quy tắc chung:

- Câu nói và phần đuôi luôn ở dạng đối nhau











VD: The children are playing in the yard, aren’t they?

They can’t swim, can they?

2. Các quy tắc khác

Note: Trợ động từ trong phần đuôi ở phủ định thì luôn được viết ở dạng rút gọn.

3. Một số trường hợp đặc biệt:

GERUNDS     (V-ing)


- Sau các động từ: enjoy, avoid, admit, appreciate (đánh giá cao), mind (quan tâm, ngại), finish, practice, suggest, postpone (hoãn lại), consider (xem xét), hate, admit (thừa nhận), like, love, deny (phủ nhận), detest (ghét), keep (tiếp tục), miss (bỏ lỡ), imagine (tưởng tượng), mention, risk, delay (trì hoãn), ….

- Sau các cụm động từ: cant’ help (không thể không), can’t bear / can’t stand (không thể chịu được), be used to, get used to, look forward to, it’s no use / it’s no good (không có ích lợi gì), be busy, be worth (đáng giá)

- Sau giới từ: in, on, at, from, to, about …

- Sau các liên từ: after, before, when, while, since,…

Ex: You should lock the door when leaving your room.

- S + spend / waste + time / money + V-ing

Ex: I spent thirty minutes doing this exercise.


1. Không thay đổi nghĩa:

- begin / start / continue/ like / love + To-inf / V-ing

Ex: It started to rain / raining.

2. Thay đổi nghĩa:

+ remember / forget / regret + V-ing: nhớ / quên/ nuối tiếc việc đã xảy ra rồi (trong quá khứ)

+ remember / forget / regret + to-inf: nhớ / quên/ nuối tiếc việc chưa, sắp xảy ra (trong tương lai)

Ex: Don’t forget to turn off the light when you go to bed.

I remember meeting you some where but I can’t know your name.

Remember to send her some flowers because today is her birthday.

+ stop + V-ing: dừng hẳn việc gì

+ stop + to-inf: dừng ….. để …

Ex: He stopped smoking because it is harmful for his health.

On the way home, I stopped at the post office to buy a newspaper.

+ try + V-ing: thử

+ try + to-inf: cố gắng

+ need + V-ing = need + to be + V3: cần được (bị động)

+ need + to-inf: cần (chủ động)

Ex: I need to wash my car.

My car is very dirty. It needs washing / to be washed.


Exercise 1. Tag questions

1. You’re going to school tomorrow, _____?

2. Daisy signed the petition, ____?

3. There’s an exam tomorrow, _____?

4. He will be attending the university in September, ____?

5. She’s been studying English foe two years, ____?

6. It doesn’t work, ____?

7. Let’s go fishing, ____?

8. Jill and Joe have been to Mexico, _____?

9. You will stay in touch, _____?

10. You didn’t know I was an artist, _______?

11. It is quite warm, _____?

1. We should call Rita, ______?

A. should we

B. shouldn’t we

C. shall we

D. should not we

2. Monkeys can’t sing, _____?

A. can they

B. can it

C. can’t they

D. can’t it

3. These books aren’t yours, ____?

A. are these

B. aren’t these

C. are they

D. aren’t they

4. That’s Bod’s, ____?

A. is that

B. isn’t it

C. isn’t that

D. is it

5. No one died in the accident, _____?

A. did they

B. didn’t they

C. did he 

D. didn’t he

6. The air-hostess knows the time she has been here, ____?

A. does she

B. isn’t it

C. doesn’t she

D. did she

7. This is the second time she’s been here, _____?

A. isn’t this

B. isn’t it

C. has she

D. hasn’t she

8. They must do as they are told, ______?

A. mustn’t they

B. must they

C. are they

D. aren’t they

9. He hardly has anything nowadays, _____?

A. hasn’t she

B. has he

C. doesn’t he

D. does she

10. You’ve never been in Italy, _____?

A. have you

B. haven’t you

C. been you

D. had you


Exercise 2: to-infinitive / V-ing

1. Students stopped (make) ____ noise when the teacher came in.

2. She couldn’t help (shed) _____ tears when she saw the film “Romeo and Juliet”.

3. Would you mind (buy) _____ me a newspaper?

4. They postpone (build) _____ an Elementary School for the lack of finance.

5. Are his ideas worth (listen) _____ to?

6. My grandfather is used to (get) ____ up early in the morning.

7. They are looking forward to our (visit) ____ them.

8. He used to fall asleep without (take) ____his shoes off.

9. My watch keeps (stop) ____.

10. I remember (meet) ____you somewhere last month.

1. It takes me ten minutes ____to school every day.

A. walking

B. to walk

C. walk

D. walked

2.We expect him ____ tomorrow.

A. arrive

B. arriving

C. to arrive

D. will arrive

3. Would you mind not _____ the radio on until I’ve finished with this phone call?

A. turning

B. to turn

C. being turned

D. to be turned

4. Would you like ___to my birthday party?

A. coming

B. come

C. came

D. to come

5. I tried _____the bus, but I missed it.

A. catch

B. catching

C. to catch

D. caught

6. Everyday I spend two hours ___speaking English.

A. practise

B. to practise

C. practising

D. practised

7. Tommy admitted ___ the rock through the window.

A. throwing

B. being throwing

C. to throw

D. to be thrown

8. He suggested ___ a double railway tunnel.

A. to build

B. built

C. building

D. that building

9. The children stopped ____games when their mother came home.

A. playing

B. play

C. to play

D. played

10. I can’t go on ___ here any more. I want a different job.

A. working

B. to work

C. work

D. worked




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