Từ mới

    Phiên âm

    Phân loại 

    Định nghĩa

    1. drink



    : uống

    2. eat



    : ăn

    3. fast food

    /ˌfɑːst ˈfuːd/


    : đồ ăn nhanh

    4. fever



    : sốt

    5. get sleep

    /ɡet sliːp/


    : ngủ

    6. health



    : sức khỏe

    7. healthy



    : có lợi cho sức khỏe

    8. junk food

    /ˈdʒʌŋk fuːd/


    : đồ ăn vặt

    9. lifestyle



    : phong cách sống

    10. survey



    : khảo sát

    11. sore throat

    /sɔː(r) θrəʊt/


    : đau họng

    12. unhealthy



    : không có lợi cho sức khỏe




    1. Lượng từ bất định 

    Đi với danh từ đếm được

    Đi với danh từ không đếm được

    Đi với cả danh từ đếm được và không đếm được

    many (nhiều)

    little/ a little (chút/ một chút)

    any (bất cứ) => dùng trong câu phủ định

    a few (một vài)

    much (nhiều)

    a lot of/ lots of (nhiều)

    every/ each (mỗi)

    not much (không nhiều)

    some (một vài)

    several (một vài)



    2. Should - Shouldn’t (Nên - Không nên)

    1. Cấu tạo

    (+) S + should + V

    (-) S + shouldn’t + V

    (?) Should + S + V?

    Yes, S should

    No, S shouldn’t

    2. Cách dùng

    - Được dùng để khuyên ai nên hay không nên làm gì.

    - Dùng trong câu hỏi để diễn tả sự nghi ngờ, thiếu chắc chắn.

    -Dùng với các đại từ nghi vấn như what I where I who để diễn tả sự ngạc nhiên, thường dùng với “but”.


    Exercise 1: Choose a word from the table below to fill each blank. Some words may be used more than once.


    a little







    a great deal of

    a few

    a lot of


    Question 1: The museum was very crowded. There were too______people.

    Question 2: Jack knows______Japanese, but his brother knows enough Japanese to manage.

    Question 3: Eating out seems to be expensive in this sumptuous city. There aren't

    ______cheap restaurants.

    Question 4: She had______time to study than I did but had better results.

    Question 5: Try to avoid foods which contain______fat.

    Question 6: We've been having______problems with the new computer.

    Question 7: In the developed world, there are hardly______jobs left which don't use computers to carry out many daily tasks.

    Question 8: We only have______apples. We should go and buy some more.

    Question 9: ______my friends are living abroad now.

    Question 10: There are______slices of cake left over from the party.

    Question 11: She has spent______time in Europe to learn English and French with a view to finding a better job.

    Question 12: There aren't very______weekends between now and Christmas.

    Question 13: "Is there______butter I could use?" "No, there's some margarine but there isn't______butter."

    Question 14: If I drink too______coffee, I can't sleep.

    Question 15: How______liquid do you think this bottle contains?

    Question 16: I eat______chocolate and______biscuits than I used to.

    Question 17: Lots of people at the club are under 20, but there are quite______who aren't.

    Question 18: It was embarrassing how______people attended the party.

    Question 20: The weather is expected to remain clear for the next______days.

    Exercise 2: Identify one word or phrase that must be changed in each sentence to be correct.

    Question 1: How many sugar do you take in your coffee?

    Question 2: I don't have some cash on me, so could I pay with by cheque?

    Question 3: I know quite a little people who have had the same problem.

    Question 4: Can you give me any information about the buses in the city centre, please?

    Question 5: He has been to America a little times. Twice in 1996 and again last year.

    Question 6: Do you want to exchange this toaster for other one or do you want your money back?

    Question 7: There's a number of cupboard space in the kitchen for all your pots and pans.

    Question 8: You travel a lot. Have you been to much countries?

    Question 9: Do you have some books in your bag?

    Question 10: I do a lot of jobs at the same time. I can earn many money.

    Question 11: More children start school at the age of five.

    Question 12: We saw some lions at the zoo, but we didn't see some tigers.

    Question 13: I don’t think some of the supermarkets were open.

    Question 14: Each of the kids know the answer.

    Question 15: Much people do not care about their hygiene.

    Question 16: Many determination is needed to fulfill the target.

    Question 17: Only a little employees knew how important the project was.

    Question 18: There was few traffic so we arrived very early.

    Question 19: Both of the kids knows the answer.

    Question 20: It costs few money to give your children a good education.


    Exercise 3: Choose the correct word in each bank to complete the following sentences.

    Question 1: Jane is going to school late. There is too______(much / many) traffic.

    Question 2: Can you bring coca cola to the birthday party? I don't have______(some/any).

    Question 3: There aren't______(much/ many) car parks in the mountainous and remote countryside of Vietnam.

    Question 4: New York has______(a lot of / plenty of) great fashion shops.

    Question 5: Hurry up! We only have______(a little / a few) time before the plane takes off.

    Question 6: When I went to England, I saw______(some / any) beautiful scenery.

    Question 7: (Many a/Many)______singer will be chosen to perform in the special event.

    Question 8: She doesn't have______(few /any) patience when learning English.

    Question 9: The problem with (both/all)______of these two proposals is that they are hopelessly impractical.

    Question 10:______(A large number/the number) of issues still need to be addressed.

    Question 11: "Can I buy stamps here?" "Well, we do sell them, but we haven't got ______(some / any) at the moment."

    Question 12: Today is very______(many/ much) colder than yesterday.

    Question 13: I had______(a few/ a little) problems with my car, but it's been fixed now.

    Question 14: If you have a fever, you should drink______(a number of /plenty of) fluids.

    Question 15:______(A larger number of / A large amount of) water was evaporated due to excessive heat.

    Question 16: This club needs to win______(a lot of / much) trophies in order to be regarded as the best club in Europe.

    Question 17: Could you give me______(any / some) paper?

    Question 18:______(None / Not) of them was able to come up with any solutions.

    Question 19: There was______(plenty of / several) food at the reunion dinner last night.

    Question 20:______(Some/All) the children, except Susan, will be going for the excursion.

    Question 21: Poor me! (Neither/None) of my parents likes my boyfriend.

    Question 22: The exam is extremely difficult and______(little / few) students passed it.

    Question 23: Sorry, I have______(little / few) money. I really can't afford to go out.

    Question 24:______(Much/Several) people came down with food poisoning at the camp.

    Question 25: I'm so pleased that I have______(few / little) arguments with my family.

    Question 26: He paid regular (amounts of / a number of) money to a charity.

    Question 27: It took (several / any) hours to clear the road after the accident.

    Question 28:______(Some / All) animals have to eat in order to live.

    Question 29: Please donate______(a lot of /some) money to the orphanage in Indonesia.

    Question 30: We need to go to the greengrocer. There are __________  (little/few) potatoes left.




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